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Join our team of 56 highly motivated volunteers based in Buffalo, New York.

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Welcome to Our Wicker Park!

We are a community of volunteers dedicated to help the environment and the communities around us.

Our mission is very simple:

Help the world become a greener place.

That is it. And I’m very proud to say that that is exactly what we’ve been doing since I’ve started this community of volunteers 20 years ago. We’re now a team of 56 driven and highly motivated individuals that work every year to make our dream and mission a reality.

We’ve also been very fortunate to establish strategic partnerships in places like Buffalo and New York City which have been instrumental to our success. This would never be possible without them.

Moreover, our sponsors and donors have helped us tremendously. Not only financially, but also in terms of bringing awareness and attention to our work and projects.

Today we’re working on 16 different environment related projects around the state of New York and are actively looking for more people to join our team.

We’re a lot more than a group of environmentalists. We’re a team of volunteers that is committed to helping the environment and the communities around us.

With our efforts and with the help of other organizations and communities around the state, we’ve seen a significant improvement when it comes to pollution and laws to protect the only planet that we have. We couldn’t be happier after all the positive work that has been conducted by over the past 2 decades.


Some of Our Donors