About Us

Hey there,

Howard HicksMy name is Howard Hicks and I’m the Volunteer Coordinator here at OurWickerPark.org. In 1993, I graduated from the New York University with a degree in Environmental Studies, and just 2 years later I decided to start a community of people which I named OurWickerPark.org.

I’m from Buffalo, New York and throughout the years, as the city of Buffalo grew, so did the number of building, roads, but we saw a clear decrease in the number of green areas. These areas are not only extremely important for human health reasons, but they also protect our whole environment. They are extremely important, and our government just keeps reducing the areas of our beautiful parks.

That’s the main reason why I founded Our Wicker Park. And I’m proud to say that, the OurWickerPark.org has grown to a community of 56 volunteers based in Buffalo, and we help not only our park, the Wicker Park, but we’re also very active in other areas of New York.

We believe that it’s is very important to preserve the few green areas that we still have in most American cities, and work on building, maintaining and populating more parks around the major metropolitan areas.

We’re working on 16 projects at the moment, from cleaning major parks in New York, to promoting the preservation of the environment.

We’re an extremely active community, and we’re always looking for more people to join our amazing team. Be sure to visit our “Volunteer” (http://www.ourwickerpark.org/volunteer) page if you’re interested in learning more about what we do.